Mellel Black Friday 23 Sale, 30% Off
Thu 23 November 2023

Our awesome Black Friday sale is finally here!

Why Mellel?

Don't have Mellel yet?

Now is the best time to get it, get it alone or in a bundle with the amazing Bookends reference manager.

Already have Mellel 2,3 or 4 and want to upgrade to Mellel 5?

Your timing is impeccable. Click here to purchase an upgrade.

Holding out to upgrade till Mellel 6 comes out?

To quote the president of the United States - Don't! Prices may (hint hint) go up, and your upgrade will be just as good for Mellel 6 as it is for Mellel 5. Get your upgrade now!

For prices and products, visit the Mellel Store.

All the best,

Eyal from Mellel

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