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If you are new to Mellel, the best place to start is with the Quick Start Guide. This guide gives you an overview of the most important features of Mellel to get you up and running quickly. If you want to dig deeper into a specific subject or need to learn about a specific action, go to the corresponding guide.

The guides are divided into two parts, the first explains the ideas and concepts and the second gives short and concise instructions for performing common tasks. At the moment, four guides are available, more guides are coming soon.

Guides List

Quick Start Guide

Topics: Installation, trial & activation, character formatting, paragraph formatting, styles, auto-titles, outline, table of contents, font, text color, text size, alignment, line spacing, bibliography, bookends, templates, defaults, new document.

Character Formatting Guide

Topics: Characters, character palette, font, font size, color, character styles, style overrides, character style variations, applying fonts, bold text, italic text, underline.

Paragraph Formatting Guide

Topics: Paragraphs, paragraph palette, alignment, margins, first line indent, hanging indent, line spacing, space above paragraph, space below paragraph, right to left, left to right, paragraph styles, tab stops, ruler.

Page Formatting Guide

Topics: Headers and footers, page numbers, even and odd pages, special first page, page ranges, page style break.

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