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I switched to Mellel fifteen years ago. I have written three books on it (Harvard University Press, Yale University Press, Penguin), and numerous articles. I feel at home with it and never use any other word-processor unless I am doing something tedious like filling in a form. Mellel is superbly powerful; on it you can produce documents that look wonderful; the interface enables you to switch back and forth between a beautifully uncluttered screen and one where you have immediate access to every tool; it is fantastically reliable (and once, ten years ago, when I ran into a glitch the people at Mellel came to my rescue with admirable efficiency). In partnership with Bookends it enables working on very large, complex documents, with large bibliographies and endless footnotes without any strain. Oh -- and it handles illustrations really, really well, which other WPs don't. I can't recommend it strongly enough. It's fantastic.
David Wootton
Historian. Emeritus Professor, University of York
Mellel has moved with me into two houses and three computers over the fourteen years I've used it. Mellel has helped me write everything from resumes to monthly reports. When I write creatively Mellel fades away into the background so I can focus on putting my thoughts into words. But Mellel has serious power if I need more structured writing. I've been there since the brushed chrome days of version 2.6 and I am more in love with the interface in these new "dark mode" days. It is the first program I recommend when someone is switching to Mac and seeks advice on the "best apps" to grab.
Scot Boardwine
Retail Clerk and long time devotee
I wrote my dissertation (defended sept 11 2020) in Mellel, from the beginning to the end. The title is ”Toward Apocalypticism: A Thematic Analysis of Isaiah 65–66. The book is 336 page long in one single Mellel-file, and it never crashed for me during those years of work. I am also very satisfied with its ability to handle English-Hebrew. I am now continuing my research with Mellel and I have no thought of using any other word processing program, especially since it keeps being developed.
Dr A. Stefan Green
Post-doc researcher at Åbo Akademi University
Mellel is a stand-out word processor with unmatched performance. Editing Tolkien's trilogy plus The Hobbit in one long file would not challenge Mellel. Scrolling would be glass smooth even if you added the whole Harry Potter series. Searching through several million words appears instantaneous. My favorite Mellel feature is that I can just write. It's easy to apply Mellel's full power later.
Carl Haddick
Developer and cybersecurity professional
I am delighted to share my positive experience with Mellel software. As a professor at Kerman University in Iran, Mellel has become an indispensable tool for my academic pursuits. Its elegant design caught my eye, and the ease of learning and using it has been a pleasant surprise. Mellel's intuitive interface and thoughtful layout have streamlined my writing process, making it incredibly user-friendly. Unlike some alternatives, Mellel's simplicity doesn't compromise on functionality. Creating a table of contents or auto titles, tasks that once baffled me in Microsoft Word, have become a breeze in Mellel. One standout feature is the seamless reference to tables, figures, and equations. This feature liberates me from the burden of manual numbering, automatically handling these elements. The character and paragraph styles are another gem, enhancing the consistency and professionalism of my documents – a struggle I faced with Microsoft Word. In essence, Mellel has transformed my writing experience. Its well-thought-out features, from effortless formatting to automated referencing, have significantly elevated the quality of my work. I wholeheartedly endorse Mellel to fellow academics and anyone seeking an exceptional writing companion.
Ramin Raiszadeh (Ph.D)
Professor in Kerman University , Kerman, IRAN
Metallurgy and Materials Science Department
Mellel has been my go-to application for all my writing since 2007, serving me faithfully on the journey to tenure and full professor. Its integration with Bookends is crucial to my work, Auto-Title allows me to organize my articles without crashing, and the robust comment feature allows colleagues to review my work. When submitting a final draft as a Word file or PDF, Mellel's export function has been flawless, and ePUB allows me to visualize and create my finished product with precision. And the software support is unparalleled.
Adam Knight Gilbert
Professor of Early Music and Chair of Musicology, University of Southern California
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