Mellel 6.0 Released
Thu 14 December 2023

Mellel 6 is Here!

This significant update, more than a year and half in the making, brings Dark Appearance support, Split View, improved Find & Replace and a multitude of enhancements to Mellel's user interface, rendering and features. A swarm of nasty and annoying bugs were also squashed in the process, along with some deep, under-the-hood, changes that make Mellel more robust and future ready.

You can read all about Mellel 6 here.

Other Changes

Mellel 6 also marks two additional significant changes. The first is that Mellel is no longer sold on the Mac App Store. There are many reasons for this decision, the 30% cut Apple is taking for every copy sold, the lack of any promotion from Apple (for example, we were removed, due to and error on Apple's part, from the "Apps for writers" list of apps, a decision that hurt our sales significantly and that we had no way to appeal or protest) but most importantly, the lack of any mechanism to allow paid upgrades within the App Store. This hampered our ability to deliver more frequent updates as any major update would necessitate releasing the update as a new application on the App Store, losing the ranking, requiring a re-branding, and making the whole process much more cumbersome.

The second change is Mellel's price. The last time Mellel's price was updated was in 2017, more than 6 years ago, and even then, it was priced too low, compared to the competition, and especially when considering that Mellel is the best word processor in the galaxy. However, the most important factor in the price change is, of-course, inflation which, as Milton Friedman said, is a monetary phenomenon, but nonetheless, does make prices higher, and that includes Mellel.

Both changes will enable us to move faster with updates and be more sustainable which is important to us as the makers of Mellel and to you, as a user.

Upgrading to Mellel 6

Mellel 6 is a free upgrade to anyone who bought Mellel after December 2021, for customers who bought Mellel before that date, the upgrade price is $44.99. Mac App Store customers can upgrade to the direction version and the same rules apply. See our update guide for a step-by-step guide to upgrading.

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