War in Israel
Tue 10 October 2023

Dear Mellel community,

As you know, we are in a state of war.

Saturday morning, in the cover of a "normal" rocket attack on Israel, an army of thousands Hamas terrorists breached the border and started a massacre. They murdered women, children, the elderly, anyone who crossed their path. They went from house to house and shot everybody. Some people hid in the "mamad" (a reinforced concrete bomb shelter found in most homes) and when the terrorists failed to open these, they torched the houses.

Horror images, shot by the perpetrators were posted, in pride, to social networks. In one case, an elderly lady was butchered in her house and the killer took her phone and posted photographs of her dead body on her own facebook account to the horror of her children and grandchildren.

In an outdoor music festival that was attended by 3000 people, the terrorists waited for people to evacuate the area following the initial rocket attack, and attacked the traffic jam on the exit. People who fled their cars were shot, and the cars were torched.

This is just a small part of the horrific accounts from this unbelievably cruel attack. At the moment there are 900 dead (and counting), 2500 wounded and an unknown number of kidnapped (possibly 150) among them babies, young children, women and elderly people.

We are shocked beyond description from the barbarity and scale of the attack and the colossal failure of the IDF.

My family and myself are quite far from the war zone in the south and also far enough from the possible war that might transpire in the northern border so we are safe, in our bodies, but we are shaken to core and our lives have come to a grinding halt.

I hope to be able to get back to being productive and continue to work on Mellel 6 which is in beta, at the moment, but I fear that this will take some time, which means an additional financial hit in these hard times.

If you are willing and can afford it, please donate to Mellel, to help us keep afloat.

I would also like to urge you to stay informed on this while being aware that the picture you're getting via the mainstream media is warped or, at best, partial.

Thank you,


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