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Mellel word processor for Mac. The full set of features includes Auto-titles, Outline, powerful find and replace, cross reference and much more.
Mellel + Bookends Combo
A bundle of Mellel and Bookends reference manager application for Mac. Use Mellel to write and format your manuscript and Bookends to find, annotate and manage your references. Mellel and Bookends work together as one to format your citations and produce a bibliography as you type using "Live Bibliography."
Mellel for iPad
Mellel for iPad, sold on the App Store. The iPad version can open any Mellel document and allows you to edit, print and export it. The perfect companion to the mac version.
Mellel Upgrade
Upgrade to the latest version of Mellel. Any license, no matter how old, is eligible to upgrade. The upgrade allows you to use the latest version of Mellel and get upgrades for free for two years.
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