Mellel 6
Mellel 6 a major update to Mellel. It includes many significant changes, both above and below the surface, including split view, dark appearance, significant additions to find & replace, indexing and the outline. Many small details were polished, in addition to performance and stability enhancements.

New Features in Mellel 6.0

Split View

Using the split view feature you can view and edit two different parts of your document. Whether you are translating, writing commentary, or comparing texts, the split view feature is another invaluable addition to your Mellel tool chest. Click the Toggle Split View button to turn it on and your view becomes two (we call these aspects), each aspect can be scrolled independently and maintains its own selection and view settings. Done for the day? Your view settings are saved to the document and you can pick up exactly where you left of the next time.

Dark Mode

Despite the name, there nothing sinister in Mellel's dark mode, or, as Apple likes to call it, Dark Appearance. If you enjoy light text on a dark background, Mellel can give you just that. Mellel's beautiful dark appearance is calm and cool and gives you a distraction free work environment that lets you concentrate on your text. And for those who prefer to have their user interface dark and their document content as it is, there's a preference option just for that. It is your choice.

Better Find and Replace

Mellel's powerful find and replace abilities just got better. You can now find text and convert it, or part of it, into an Auto-title, Citation, Note (footnote or endnote) or a Hyperlink. Sounds complicated? Fear not, all you need to do is to enter the text to find Find field and then insert an Insert Auto-title (or Insert Note or, Insert Citation, you get the idea) into the Replace field and click Replace. Need more power than that? Using groups and back-references you can define the content of the Auto-title (or Note, or Citation etc.) to be a part of the found expression, or just any text you type. You can use these new replace elements in your ad-hoc searches, saved Find Actions and Find Sets.

Better Indexing

Mellel's unique and flexible Index feature also received some well deserved attention in Mellel 6. It is now possible to import and export index records, which allows you to move indexes between documents or rapidly create an index based on a word list. Using the new Move to Index command you can now transfer index records from one index to another in the same document and you can now conveniently insert an index mark first and then choose the index record (rather than the other way around). Finally, we've added an option to control whether references to index marks in footnotes and endnotes will refer to the note text location or the note reference location.

Outline Export

This much requested feature gives Mellel's amazing outline an extra edge. No need to awkwardly export to OPML and then hope for the best, you can simply export the outline to a new Mellel document, with or without the remarks, and you can even choose not to save the exported document to disk, in case you need a quick printout of the outline. Simple and easy to use.

Batch Insert Auto-title

This is a true gem, simple and to the point. Ever wanted to quickly convert a formatted document to a full fledged Mellel document with Auto-titles? Now you can in a matter of a couple of clicks. Select the text heading, select the Auto-title stream, and click the lovely "Batch Insert" button. Mellel will take all titles (based on the character style applied) and convert them to Auto-title.

The Small Details

Along with the many big changes, a lot of fine-tuning and small-but-important additions were made. In the Outline - you can now expand and collapse items using the arrow keys, navigation scrolls to show the Auto-title at the top of the view and the current position in the document is reflected much more accurately. In tables - commands are now included in the Edit menu, allowing assignment of keyboard shortcuts to your favorite table commands. In the Edit Reference dialog you can navigate using tabs and finally, numbering options (page numbers, footnote numbers, Auto-titles etc.) are now sporting much more consistent naming and an additional numbering method: Hebrew (No Gershayim).
And of-course, many bugs were squashed.

Release Notes

Mellel 6.0.4 (May 26 2024)

Mellel 6.0.3 (March 1st 2024)

Mellel 6.0.2 (February 12 2024)

Mellel 6.0.1 (January 3rd 2024)

Mellel 6.0.0 (December 14th 2023)

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